Composing Underground: Inventions and Subversions

“Composing Underground” is a graduate student conference that focuses on the hidden dimensions of composing in all forms. Writing is most often celebrated when it is highly polished, mainstream, adherent to norms, free of defect and uncertainty, but there is a great deal of writing that goes on below the surface: deemed unworthy, left behind, tossed away, forgotten, erased. However, this does not mean that such writing has no value; indeed, it can teach us or entertain us in ways that more traditionally accepted writing may not. Underground writing may simply remain hidden for political reasons or lack of public interest. Or the underground status may be a result of the author’s volition. Although frequently spurned, non-mainstream composition contributes valuable insights that have the ability to change academic fields, epistemologies, worldviews and more. Even if such forms of composition do not enjoy widespread renown in their contemporary moments, they are essential subjects for academic inquiry. Students are encouraged to submit work in rhetoric and composition, creative writing (poetry, fiction or creative/literary nonfiction,) as well as literature, theory, cultural studies or related fields.


Dr. Chris Carter

Associate Professor and Composition Director


Dr. Joyce Malek

Coordinator, First-year Writing, English Composition Program


Please direct any questions to Daniel Floyd: floyddg@mail.uc.edu



Download the conference schedule here.